Talking turkey: NC firefighters rescue baby birds from drain

Snapping turtle walks into Newport News elementary school

Stolen Ronald McDonald statue recovered undamaged

Security camera captures tricycle theft in Vinton

Mystery in Virginia: Someone is shaving other people's cats

Idaho woman says she crashed because she saw a sasquatch

Trump Tower climber pleads guilty, can't contact president

Hitler's phone is up for auction; bids to start at $100k

Naked intruder scaled fence at US Homeland Security campus

American basketball player OK after eye pops out of socket

No pocket change: Man delivers 300,000 pennies to DMV

Lottery scratch-off loser keeps phoning in threats, cops say

FAA, airline investigating how worker was left in cargo hold

Ukrainian man renames himself iPhone 7 to win the phone

Company: Crows knocked out power to 100,000 in 3 states

Alaska council to vote on cat leash law

Driver caught using mannequin to drive in carpool lane

Kurt Busch's ex pleads not guilty to stealing from charity

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