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Smart money is buying energy stocks. Should you?

Forget politics and religion. One of the biggest debates on Wall Street these days is whether oil and energy stocks are toxic or terrific.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch put out a note last week telling clients now is the time to buy. Hedge funds have ...

More than 70 exotic dancers to be asked to join class action lawsuit against Roanoke nightclub

Three women so far have sued the club for back wages, say they are not "independent contractors"

Ferrari Enzo


Monaco car collector profits from 'flipping' Ferraris

Pieter van Naeltwijck is no ordinary car collector. The Monaco millionaire makes his money in real estate, but brings in a little extra by buying and selling some of the newest, most exclusive cars on the planet.

Company says may or may not make high-tech toy


Google files patent for creepy teddy bear

Remember Teddy, the super-computer toy, from the film "Artificial Intelligence?" Well, Google might be making one. This week the company filed a patent for a toy that can control other Wi-Fi-connected devices.

Li Hejun's strategy has clouded the future of Hanergy Thin Film Solar

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China's richest man bet his company's shares would fall

Turns out China's richest man upped his bet that his solar company's shares would fall -- just before a massive crash. Li Hejun raised his short position by 796 million shares in Hanergy Thin Film Solar May 18.

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Nelson Co. based Devils Backbone fastest growing manufacturer in Va.

The brewery grew its revenue by 110% from 2013 to 2014. Devils Backbone expects to max out its brewing capabilities at 250,000 barrels a year by 2020.

Senate passes trade bill

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Senate OKs 'fast track' trade promotion bill

After weeks of tense negotiations on Capitol Hill and heavy lobbying from the White House, the Senate Friday night cleared a major trade bill that is a top priority of President Barack Obama. The vote was 62 to 37.

Janet Yellen


Yellen: Fed can't risk 'overheating the economy'

The Federal Reserve won't wait too long to raise rates.

Rescue center asks for help with fawns


Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center spreads message about rescuing fawns

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in Roanoke County is seeing a large number of fawns coming into the facility. Problem is, some are coming in for the wrong reasons. June is considered fawn season, but executive director Sabrina Garvin said they’ve been getting them since the end of April.

Local farmer talks potential egg shortage


Franklin County farmer talks about possible egg shortage

Farmers in the Midwest are being forced to kill millions of laying hens because of avian flu. Word of the spreading disease has some major retailers looking for other supplier, but when it comes to local farmers, they have very few concerns.


Squatters hold California bedroom hostage

There are currently no severe weather alerts.




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