Lyon Sisters 111314

Lyon sisters investigators searching for station wagon seen in Bedford County in 1975

Investigators are searching for a 1960s or 1970s model station wagon they believe is associated with the disappearance of the Lyon sisters.

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Obama in NH

LIVE: President Obama to address the nation

8 p.m. ET: President Obama delivers an address to the nation from the White House on his plans for executive action on immigration.

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Hilton Garden Inn on Roanoke Co.'s South Peak prepares for first guests

A ceremony was held Thursday to celebrate the completion of the new Hilton Garden Inn in the South Peak development, which is in the Tanglewood Mall area.

Food Hub 112014


Lynchburg-area "food hub" could create sales opportunities for farmers

A new effort in the Lynchburg area aims to connect farmers with places where their food can be sold.

Gun show guns for sale

Dave Kaup / Reuters

Ferguson-area gun sales surge ahead of jury decision

Gun sales and concealed carry permits are surging in the Ferguson area, as nervous citizens brace for the possibility of more riots.

Obesity file

Obesity costs global economy $2 trillion

The obesity epidemic has grown too big to ignore.

Affordable Care Act website

Mike Segar/Reuters

Affordable Care Act enrollment stats fudged

Only 6.7 million Americans were enrolled in Affordable Care Act health insurance plans as of mid-October, not 7.1 million, the Obama administration admitted Thursday.

Bank teller blurb

Peer-to-peer lending is transforming banking

It's said that lending to friends is a good way to lose them, but how about lending to a complete stranger?

Toyota Image

Crash test fail for minivans

The minivan's reputation as a safe ride may take a dent from the latest series of rigorous crash tests.

GM, General Motors

General Motors hit with $3 billion lawsuit over recalls

General Motors has been slugged with a $3 billion lawsuit by the state of Arizona in response to a record number of vehicle recalls linked to safety defects.

A detailed court filing alleges the automaker intentionally misled consumers and that some o...

Small Business Saturday

Alison Parker/WDBJ7

Small Business Saturday gives extra incentive to shop locally

You'll find some of the year's best deals at the big stores on Black Friday, but the Saturday after is a chance for small businesses to shine.

Next Glass app

Next Glass

App takes guessing out of wine buying

For most of us, wine remains a big mystery.



100-year-old woman marks 50 years on the job

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