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Migrants finally reach Austria


Busloads of weary migrants arrive in Austria

Some Austrians cheered as busloads of migrants pulled up on their border with Hungary early Saturday -- and weary passengers clutching children streamed toward them.

Texas deputy's killer still at large

Harris County Sheriff's Office via CNN

Texas deputy shot and killed is laid to rest

Thousands of mourners gathered Friday for a final salute to a deputy sheriff shot to death last week while fueling his patrol car near Houston.

Deputy Darren H. Goforth died August 28 when a gunman came up behind him at a gas station and shot him in t...

Teacher arrested

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Drone crashes in US Open seats; operator arrested

Tennis balls were not the only thing flying Thursday night at the U.S. Open, where a small drone crashed into a seating area during a match. No people were hit.


European migrant crisis at a glance

Europe is in the midst of an unprecedented human migration. Fleeing war, fearing for their life and dreaming of a better life far from the poverty and upheaval of their unstable nations, hundreds of thousands are flocking to Europe's shores. The migr...

Suicide awareness and prevention community events in Danville

One Danville woman is leading the way in tackling the hard to talk about topic of suicide.

Roanoke motorcycle group raising money for education center

The Nubian Kruzers United Motorcycle Club raised money for the Northwest Child Development Center. Leaders of the education center said it needs $50,000 by September 11 to stay open.

Concerns and thrills about Appalachian Trail movie

Richie Marshall says he's hiked to McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail several times. The trail is the setting for the movie "A Walk in the Woods", which was released on Monday.

Another person arrested in Bedford stolen prescription drug case

Alicyn Updike was arrested and charged with Robbery. She posted bond and was fired from her job as a CNA at English Meadows.

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