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Full moon for blue moon story

Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

Rare blue moon comes Friday

If anything unusual happens to you Friday, you'll be right to say it was "once in a blue moon."

Police car with emergency lights on

Scott Davidson/Wikimedia Commons

Man serenades cops with banjo during standoff

Unsurprisingly, there were no requests for "Free Bird" during this impromptu performance in Vancouver, Washington.

Bicycle wheel

Real-life Hulk picks up car, moves it from bike lane

A man moving a parked car out of a bike lane has gone viral, garnering nearly 5 million views as of Wednesday morning.

Panty Scrunchy

Village/ Vanguard

Japan's new trend: Panty scrunchies

The newest fashion trend to hit Japan is panty scrunchies. Yes, you heard that right.

Police car with emergency lights on

Scott Davidson/Wikimedia Commons

Traffic stop leads to DUIs for driver, backseat passenger

A traffic stop of one car in Vermont over the weekend netted two drunken-driving arrests after police said a backseat passenger jumped behind the wheel.

copperhead snake, CDC image

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Texas couple's property overrun with copperhead snakes

A Texas family is dealing with an infestation of copperheads that has hundreds of the snakes slithering over their property nightly.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman endorses Trump for president

As Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign lurches from one controversy to another, the real estate mogul on Friday gained the support of a widely-recognized celebrity with experience in international diplomacy: NBA hall-of-famer Dennis Rodman.

Bowe Bergdahl

U.S. Army

Bowe Bergdahl detained in pot raid

Bowe Bergdahl, held captive by the Taliban and released in an exchanged orchestrated by President Barack Obama, was involved in a marijuana raid in California.

US Postal Service

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Feds: Philly postman didn't deliver 22,000 pieces of mail

Instead of delivering 22,000 pieces of mail, a Philadelphia postal worker brought them home, according to federal prosecutors.

Bono Santorum

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Bono: 'Rick Santorum is in the house!'

Rock legend Bono put the spotlight on GOP presidential Rick Santorum on Wednesday during U2's concert in New York City, praising the usually buttoned-up social conservative for his help fighting AIDS in Africa.

Santorum attended a U2 concert in New Yo...

Police lights file

Police: Man hid under spare room's bed for 3 days

Police say a man snuck into a New Jersey home and hid under a spare room's bed for three days before the homeowner spotted him.


Couple crafts personal shark cages for swimming in NC

A Virginia couple visiting Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina for a day at the beach made sure they were shark-proof before getting into the water.


Panda celebrates 37th birthday in Hong Kong


  • broken down car automobile with hood up


    List of top 10 consumer complaints released

    Shady car dealers, shoddy home-repair jobs and credit card fees top the list of complaints people have about their interactions with businesses in 2014.

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    By Jackie Wattles
  • Stallone to auction off 'Rocky,' 'Rambo' items

    Sylvester Stallone

    Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

    Sylvester Stallone says he will putting hundreds of props from his "Rocky" and "Rambo" films up for sale.

  • India will have more people than China by 2022

    India map


    India is set to surpass China as the world's most populous country -- and much sooner than previously thought.

    China now has a population of 1.38 billion, compared to India's 1.31 billion, according to new data from the United Nations. But by 2022, In...

  • 'Breaking Bad' house goes up for sale

    Breaking Bad


    "Breaking Bad" fans going through withdrawal, listen up: You can buy Jesse Pinkman's house.

  • ATM workers forget $150,000 sack of cash on lawn


    Maybe do a double take on inventory, especially if you're stocking ATMs with cash.

  • Cardinals break NFL coaching glass ceiling

    Jen Welter

    FredShots Photography

    Another barrier has been broken in the NFL -- and for women in sports.

  • Police: Intoxicated, underwear-clad ice cream man swears at kids

    Ice cream truck (file)

    Chris Purcell/

    An allegedly intoxicated ice-cream truck driver was arrested after police say he was driving around in his truck, wearing only his underwear, and screaming at children.

  • Oldest panda sets Guinness Word Record

    Jia Jia panda birthday cake

    Hong Kong Ocean Park via CNN

    The panda Jia Jia, a popular resident at Hong Kong's Ocean Park, turned 37 years old on Tuesday, setting two Guinness World Records in the process.

  • 911 dispatcher hangs up on caller

    911 dispatch 1

    KOAT, Albuquerque 911, family photos

    The June 26 call to 911 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was heartbreaking as the female caller tried to keep 17-year-old shooting victim Jaydon Chavez-Silver alive.

    "I'm keeping him alive," said Chavez-Silver’s friend, 17-year-old Esperanza Quintero.

  • Mailman's plea for books gets worldwide response

    Utah books for boy


    A postal carrier has delivered more than the mail to a Sandy, Utah boy, collecting shelves full of books for the child to read as his story has unexpectedly spread around the world.

  • Cosby's 35 accusers appear on magazine cover

    35 Bill Cosby Accusers Appear on Magazine Cover

    New York Magazine/Twitter via CNN

    Thirty-five women who have accused Bill Cosby of sex assault appear on the current cover of New York Magazine in a stunning statement of unity against the legendary comic.

    The black-and-white photograph of the women seated in similar poses appears on ...

  • Dead whale mystifies experts in Massachusetts

    rare beaked whale

    New England Aquarium

    The carcass of a deep-sea beaked whale found washed up on a Plymouth, Massachusetts, beach is so rare that it has marine experts confounded: What is its exact species, and how did it get to shore?

    The 17-foot toothed female whale, which weighs nearly ...

There are currently no severe weather alerts.


  • Tom Brady with Pats coaches

    Jim Rogash/ Getty

    Biggest sports scandals of all time

    "Deflategate" is just the latest scandal to hit the world of sports. From questionable wins and doping allegations to murder, here's a look at sports scandals that shocked the world.

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  • NFL Deflategate: Tom Brady timeline

    Tom Brady yelling on field

    Jim Rogash/Getty Images

    In the wake of Roger Goodell's decision to uphold Tom Brady's Deflategate suspension, the saga is now headed for the courts. Check out the timeline of events in the case so far.

  • 10 late-summer destinations worth bad weather

    Airplane landing

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    With the dog days of summer here, Yahoo! Travel offers 10 travel destinations that may not offer the perfect late-summer weather, but make up for it with deep discounts.

  • 'Friends' stars: Where are they now?

    Friends group

    Warner Bros. Television

    July 30 marks not only the International Day of Friendship but also Lisa Kudrow's 52nd birthday. Coincidence? Perhaps, but what better time to check in with Kudrow and your other favorite "Friends" from the classic '90s sitcom?

  • Donald Trump's most provocative quotes

    Donald Trump in Iowa July 18, 2015

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Since he's announced his presidential campaign last June, Donald Trump has made headlines with a series of provocative quotes and comments. Check out some of the most notable, as compiled and transcribed by and other sources.

  • Celebrities who fathered kids later in life

    Ice T Coco

    Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

    Ice T, 57, and his wife, Coco announced they are expecting a baby on social media. Here is a list of other male celebrities who fathered kids later in life.

  • Top 10 hot spots for car thieves

    Cars at dealership


    With July marking National Vehicle Theft Protection Month, take a look at the National Insurance Crime Bureau's annual list of the top hot spots for car thieves as ranked by auto theft rates per 100,000 residents. Click on to find out if your city is among the top 10.

  • 9 foods that lower stress levels

    man stressed


    Stress doesn't go away just because the weather is nice outside. If you're feeling stressed out this summer, reach for these foods next time you need a snack.


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