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Odd News Stories

Generic Clock

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Teacher says breakfast made him late to school 111 times

An elementary school teacher says eating breakfast caused him to be late for work 111 times.

Winner gets $2.6 million after taxes

Massachusetts State Lottery via CNN

Massachusetts newlywed wins $4 million lotto prize

On Thursday, Timothy Sullivan promised his new wife to be lawfully wedded "for richer or for poorer." On Friday, Sullivan became a couple million dollars richer to fulfill that promise.

Nitama, Kishi Station's new cat stationmaster

Courtesy Ryobi Group via CNN

Meet Nitama, Japan's new cat stationmaster

It's one of the most closely guarded succession plans outside of North Korea: Who will replace Tama?

Japan's cute cat stationmaster passed away earlier this year, leaving a kitty-shaped hole in the country's heart and its 27,000 kilometer-long railway...

Empty airport security line, Hurricane Sandy

Paul Courson/CNN

Airline passenger chugs bottle of cognac at security gate

An air traveler in China chugged an entire bottle of pricey cognac before attempting to board her flight in Beijing because security wouldn't allow the bottle of booze on board.

House and keys


Couple's new home burns as they sign deed

A Pennsylvania couple feared the vacant next-door house would burn down, and they turned out to be right -- the house burned as they were signing a purchase deed.

Man bathroom

One man's waste is another's medicine

It's the middle of the day for Eric, a 24-year-old research assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and nature is calling.

Police tape generic

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Pa. police: Intruder took shower, did his laundry

Authorities in Pennsylvania say a woman woke up to find an intruder taking a shower and doing his laundry in her home, The Associated Press reported.

blue macaw parrot

Rodrigo Aliaga/SXC

Obscenity-uttering parrot detained by police

A parrot in the Indian city of Rajura has been taken from its owner after police determined it was harassing an 85-year-old woman.

RedBall in London

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Art installation gets loose, rolls into parked cars

A strong gust of wind carried away a giant red ball, sending the object careening over parked cars and even damaging a stop sign in Toledo, Ohio.

John Kasich seeks 2016 GOP nomination

Scott Olson/Getty Images

'Deez Nuts' backs Sanders, Kasich

Bernie Sanders and John Kasich might not have too much in common politically, but they've both received a "key endorsement" in their respective party races: "Deez Nuts," the independent presidential "candidate."

Shooting range target with bullet holes

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Florida gun range has alcohol in restaurant

Officials in a Florida city have approved the request of a businessman to serve alcohol in a restaurant he plans to open in a building with an indoor shooting range.

Vote, election file

Deez Nuts showing up in presidential polls

When asked whom they would vote for in 2016 for president, 9 percent of North Carolina voters responded Deez Nuts, according to a Public Policy


Cat makes a run at Canadian Prime Minister’s job


  • James Earl Jones, July 2013

    Mike Coppola/Getty Images

    No, James Earl Jones is not dead

    We really wish the Internet would stop trying to kill celebrities.

    James Earl Jones, 84, is the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax after a parody website posted news of his supposed demise. Clicking on the link took users to a page which declared...

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    By Lisa Respers France CNN
  • Police put kibosh on Seinfeld lemonade stand

    Glass of lemonade

    Gözde Otman/

    Oh. Kids selling lemonade illeeegal. Okaaaay, officer. No permit. Riiight. The perrrrrmit. How could we forget the permit??

    A neighbor called the cops on Jerry Seinfeld, his son and some young pals for selling lemonade without a permit by the roadside...

  • PETA unveils 'Cecil's Revenge' costume

    Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer kills Cecil the Lion

    Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

    Earlier this week, a costume company began marketing an outfit that depicts a dentist killing a lion, in reference to the slaying of Cecil the Lion by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer in a canned hunt in Zimbabwe.

  • Church: Donald Trump is not an active member

    Marblie Collegiate Church

    Mark Mainz/Getty Imagesg

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told reporters Thursday that he attends a church in Manhattan, but the church released a statement saying the real estate developer is not an "active member."

  • A friendship forged by Katrina

    New Orleans sky view

    Mario Tama/ Getty

    Hurricane Katrina ripped into Pascagoula, Mississippi, with unprecedented strength 10 years ago. Churning waters 4 feet high carried a mix of raw sewage and mud through the classrooms at Resurrection Catholic School, ripping maps and posters off the ...

  • Police seize man's wine collection

    Red wine

    Roger Kirby/SXC

    The case is being called "Pennsylvania vs. 2,447 Bottles of Wine."

    Caught in the middle of a legal battle between the state and Arthur Goldman is a wine collection -- valued between $150,000 to $200,000 -- that once sat in his Malvern, Pennsylvania, ...

  • Walmart refuses to print woman’s breastfeeding photos


    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Whitney Walters says she felt humiliated when she was told her photos violated store policy.

  • Report: What Vester Flanagan thought were 'racist comments'

    vester flanagan on-air

    Seemingly innocent comments could have been a major factor in the death of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, reports the New York Post.

  • Donald Trump asks woman to touch his hair

    Trump proves hair is real


    Donald Trump says he doesn't wear a toupee. Now, he has independent confirmation.

  • Burning Man returning in Nevada desert

    Burning Man cultural gathering attracts 60,000

    Aaron Logan via Wikipedia

    Dating back to 1986, this year's Burning Man event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert starts on Sunday and continues through September 7.

  • Miley and music videos: Why VMAs matter

    Miley Cyrus performing

    Scott Barbour/Getty Images

    Is YouTube killing the video star? Not so much according to Van Toffler, the executive producer of this weekend's Video Music Awards on MTV.

  • Obama shows off his pipes again

    Obama in New Orleans

    President Barack Obama once more showed off his singing skills Thursday in New Orleans while he was touring a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago.

    Obama was walking through the neighborhood of Treme, a historic, predominantly bla...

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  • Sign on New Orleans church

    Mario Tama/ Getty

    New Orleans: 10 years after Katrina

    Ten years after being devastated by Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans continues to rebuild.

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  • Most memorable MTV VMAs moments ever

    Jay-Z, Beyonce Blue Ivy

    Mark Davis/Getty Images

    Since the very first MTV Video Music Awards 31 years ago in 1984, the show has always provided memorable moments. Ahead of the 2015 edition, set for Aug. 30, check out some of the most memorable.

  • States with the worst drivers

    angry man with road rage

    iStock / Spauln

    A list published by names the states with the worst drivers. Find out which state came out "on top."

  • Top 10 dog names in the U.S.

    boxer dog in silhouette

    Lanntaron/Wikimedia Commons has released its list of most popular dog names, based on data from 69,000 neighborhoods signed up on the site. Check out the most popular dog names in the United States!

  • 15 American manners that are rude abroad

    United States map, US map, America


    Here are some manners Americans take for granted that are actually faux pas abroad, according to Yahoo! Travel.

  • Weirdest Guinness world records

    Garry Turner, Guinness World Record holder stretchiest skin

    Scott Barbour/Getty Images

    With Thursday marking the 60th anniversary of the publication of the very first "Guinness Book of Records," take a look at some of the weirdest world records ever set.

  • 15 things to buy at a dollar store

    Dollar Tree store

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Sometimes, you get what you pay for. But dollar stores also sell good products like these at a tremendous discount.

  • Child stars gone wrong

    Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2

    20th Century Fox

    Many a child star has found success a hard act to follow, including Wednesday's 35-year-old birthday boy Macaulay Culkin and these other former stars who struggled with the transition to adulthood.


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