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Top of beer can

99 cans of beer in a pack

Texas brewery Austin Beerworks is doing its part to "keep Austin weird" by releasing the first 99-pack of beer to consumers.

Feral, stray cat


Feral cat forces elementary school to close

A feral cat that's terrorizing students has forced an elementary school in Maryland to close.

Bobbey Jo Boucher

Pasco County Sheriff's Office

PD: Mom hung up on missing child call to strip

A Florida mother is accused of hanging up on a phone call with police about her missing daughter because she had to go on stage at a strip club.


Wikimedia Commons/Orderinchaos

The people who create their own 'countries'

Scotland will next month decide in a referendum whether it wants to go it alone as an independent country and split away from the United Kingdom.

Meth suspects toss toilet

Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Cops: Meth suspects threw toilet at imagined attackers

Three people in Florida were so high on meth that police say they imagined their home was under attack, tossing a toilet and bathroom sink out the window.

Bacon in pan

Wikimedia Commons

Police: Woman tried to burn down ex's house with bacon

A woman faces arson charges after police say she drunkenly started a fire in her ex-boyfriend's house with a pound of bacon and a lit burner.

Giraffe tries ride motorcycle


Giraffe tries to ride motorcycle (and fails)

Watch this giraffe try (and fail) to ride a motorcycle in South Africa.

Southwest Airlines jet

Sam Meyer/CNN

Family angry after airline 'loses' elderly mother

A woman is upset after she says that Southwest Airlines failed to keep track of her 85-year-old mother, leaving her stranded in an airport for 11 hours.

Wasps nesting on bed

John Birkett, Longwood Services Pest Control

Thousands of wasps found nesting on bed

A pest control officer says he responded to a call of a wasp infestation in a home that was "like the horror film 'Birds' but [with] wasps."

Grave, headstone, dead, obituary


Brazilian man declared dead wakes up in body bag

The family of a Brazilian man who was pronounced dead by doctors was shocked to learn that he was actually alive and breathing inside a body bag.

Most expensive hot dog

Guinness World Records

World's most expensive hot dog costs $169

You could buy a lot with $169 -- including the world's most expensive hot dog.

Giant panda file

Panda may have faked pregnancy for more food

A giant panda slated to be the star of the first-ever live broadcast of the birth of panda cubs has lost the role -- after it was discovered the bear is not pregnant after all, Chinese state media reported.

Not only was it a phantom pregnancy, but zoo...



  • Jellyfish

    Reuters/Tony Gentile

    Are 'immortal' jellyfish key to eternal life?

    For centuries, man has been on a quest to find the elixir to eternal life. Alchemists struggled fruitlessly to create the legendary philosopher's stone -- a mythical substance capable of turning base metals into precious gold, and said to hold the ke...

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    By Lauren Said-Moorhouse and Amanda Sealy for CNN
  • The Coolest Kickstarter ever raises over $13 million

    Coolest Kickstarter

    The Coolest Cooler (yes, a cooler) raised $13.3 million in its 52-day run. The previous record holder, the Pebble smartwatch raised $10.2 million in 2012.

  • 99 cans of beer in a pack

    Top of beer can

    Texas brewery Austin Beerworks is doing its part to "keep Austin weird" by releasing the first 99-pack of beer to consumers.

  • Officer fired after comments on Ferguson

    Police badge


    A St. Louis-area police officer has been fired after making what his chief called "very concerning and inappropriate" Facebook comments on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, according to a city official.

  • Denny's aimed at 1% opens in NY


    Andreas Praefcke

    Denny's swung open its doors in a luxury apartment building in New York's City's financial district Friday morning.

  • Airline seat reclining sparks another fight

    Airplane seats, airline, flight

    iStock / mikdam

    Inching into another passenger's knee space has some fliers itching for a fight. In the second serious airline legroom argument reported this week, a reportedly irate passenger caused a flight from Miami to Paris to divert to Boston on Wednesday.

  • America's cheapest gas is in this town

    Pumping gas

    Ferre Dollar/CNN

    You think the gas near you is getting cheaper? Try filling up in the South Carolina city of Rock Hill.

  • Kendall Jenner drops her famous last name

    Kendall Jenner blurb

    Kevork Djansezian/Reuters

    Add Kendall Jenner to the long list of celebrities who are too big for two names.

  • Condo group drops opposition to Scout's flagpole project

    Arizona Boy Scout flag project


    A Boy Scout's project to put up a flagpole at his Arizona high school came to a halt, all because a condo association demanded more insurance coverage.

  • 'Inmates with Talent' takes reality competition behind bars

    Jail, prison generic

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Indiana inmates are showcasing their talent on a reality film. "Inmates with Talent" is currently in post-production. The reality film was shot at an Indiana medium-security prison and is narrated by actor and singer Ice-T.

  • Google reveals secret drone delivery tests

    Google Project Wing

    From Google

    Amazon is trying it. UPS has considered it. Ice fishermen in Minnesota used it to get beer. Yelp created one just for burritos. Google is the latest company to branch out into delivery by drone, it revealed Thursday.

  • 2 face charges after plane returns to Canada


    Airborne for white, sandy beaches, turquoise Cuban waters and swaying palms, two women apparently broke out their duty-free booze on Wednesday and partied hearty in a passenger jet bathroom.

    So terribly hearty, that they got Sunwing Flight 656 a milit...

There are currently no severe weather alerts.


  • standing on scale

    20 easy ways to burn 100 calories

    Need to work off those Labor Day weekend cookouts? Check out Self magazine's list of easy ways to burn 100 calories.

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  • Celebrities who go by one name

    Kendall Jenner blurb

    Kevork Djansezian/Reuters

    Add Kendall Jenner to the long list of celebrities who go by one name. The Kardashian clan member says she's ditching her last name to boost her modeling career.

  • White House fashion faux pas

    Obama statement on ISIS and Ukraine

    REUTERS/Larry Downing

    The snark sparked by President Barack Obama's tan suit has exploded across social media. But it's far from the first White House fashion statement to raise eyebrows.

  • 8 great Labor Day weekend getaways

    road trip, traveling in car, driving


    Looking for a last-minute trip this Labor Day weekend? Check out these eight great (and budget-friendly) getaways.

  • Celebrity breakups of 2014

    Britney Spears, July 2013, Smurfs 2 premiere

    Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

    Breaking up is hard to do, even for celebrities. Take a look at the notable celebrity splits of 2014.

  • Peek inside the weird world of Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty float

    REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

    Japanese comic company Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty and Friends, recently dropped a bombshell on Hello Kitty's fans by revealing that she is not, in fact, a kitty, but rather a perpetual third-grade girl named Kitty White, the daughter of George and Mary White, who lives just outside of London, England. Take a look inside the weird world of the international phenomenon.

  • Biggest data breaches of all time

    Credit cards

    Augie Martin/CNN

    The FBI is investigating a hacking attack on JPMorgan Chase that caused a data breach, though the extent of the damage from the attack and where it came from have not yet been determined. Take a look at some of the biggest data breaches of all time.

  • Notable TV exits through the years

     Diane Sawyer

    Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

    Diane Sawyer officially stepped down as anchor of ABC's "World News" last night, but will focus on primetime specials and big interviews for the network. Take a look at other high-profile personalities and their exits from particular shows or TV altogether.


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