The people of Roanoke have a choice in May.  In fact, they will choose among 10 candidates for 3 seats on city council.

Tuesday, all of the candidates came together at a meeting of the Williamson Road Area Business Association.

The race includes incumbents Bill Bestpitch, Dave Trinkle and Ray Ferris, who say the city is moving forward under their leadership.

Challengers include the Republican ticket of Hank Benson, Jim Garrett and Roger Malouf, who counter that the city would benefit from a new direction.

With Bestpitch and Ferris running as Independents, the Democratic ticket includes former General Assembly candidate Freeda Cathcart, and former City Council member Linda Wyatt.

The race also includes neighborhood activist and blogger Valerie Garner, and community activist and doctoral student Tuan Reynolds.

The candidates are due to meet at least one more time, at a meeting of the Virginia's Blue Ridge Hospitality Association on Thursday.

The election is May 6th.