Sometimes, keeping up with the times costs money. For a century-old theater in one hometown, they got the money in a very modern way. The Lyric Theater faced the same challenge all smaller, older theaters across the country will; upgrading its projection equipment. Last Friday, the theater got good news; thanks to a little kick. Determined to not let the over one hundred year old theater be a casualty of the digital age, Susan Mattingly knew she needed to get creative. "It was essential that we make this upgrade," Mattingly said. The 35 millimeter reels that helped build the Lyric's reputation in Blacksburg are a thing of the past. Pretty soon, movie distributors will only give theaters digital movies. The theater took out a loan, bought the $120,000 dollar digital projector and installed it last month.  Now they needed to raise the money. $50,000 came from private donors, $20,000 from cash reserves; the other fifty? Kickstarter: a website for organizations to pitch themselves and solicit donations. "We felt like we had a very good shot," Mattingly said, "The Lyric was always a grassroots organization, so it was really a perfect fit. 858 people from Pennsylvania to California went online and donated the last $50,000. "The Lyric had a very broad base of people who were VT alums, people from the wider community, people who just pass through Blacksburg who really thought the theater was worth saving," Mattingly added. Movie-goers may not be able to tell the difference $120,000 makes at the Lyric. But for the Lyric, that $120,000 dollars makes all the difference. Getting that last $50,000 from Kickstarter was the plan all along when the Lyric started raising money last fall. Susan Mattingly says spending the money was certainly a risk, but she was confident the Lyrics fans would come through, and they did.