On Tuesday, this reporter spotted Lee Brown walking into the cafeteria at Lewis Gale Montgomery Hospital in Blacksburg, where he's been volunteering for years. Brown looked like the next guy, until he opened his mouth and the quick one-liners just flew out.

"That volunteering keeps me out of trouble!', said Brown. Whose big smile and quick wit have made him a hit as the oldest volunteer at the hospital.

The cafeteria was packed with friends and fellow volunteers who'd gathered to wish him a happy birthday. When Brown walked into the room, everyone stood up, clapped and sang "Happy Birthday!" All very much out of tune but very much from the heart.

I asked Lee what's the secret to living to be 100? I barely got the question out and this guy gave me the straight skinny. "Well, you can't kill bad grass!" As soon as he said it, the crowd broke out in laughter and that included this reporter too.

Lee said he moved to Montgomery County to be closer to his son, after Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything he owned.

Since 2006, Mr. Brown has been volunteering at Lewis Gale Montgomery and has logged more than three-thousand hours on the volunteer desk.

Lee sat and ate a cupcake, maybe two. I asked what he thought of so many people getting together to wish him a happy 100?

"They're either crazy or they're all looking for an excuse to have a party!"

The staff at Lewis Gale Montgomery said Lee Brown works fast and keeps just about everybody laughing.