The streets of downtown Roanoke have become the backdrop for buddy-cop film "Crossing Streets." All of it will be shot on location in the Star City and boasts a largely home-grown cast and crew.

"A hard-nosed cop and a Methodist minister who loves kids and their partnered together to solve a gang shooting," director Marc. A. Hutchins told Your Hometown News Leader.

The film is the brain child of Roanoke's "Live The Life Partners Film Initiative" which looks at movie-making as way of giving back.

"Not only is it a good film, but it's also going to support local non-profits," said Hutchins.

Non-profits like Straight Street. It has a place in the film and dedicates itself to giving young people better lives.

"Everything we do at straight street is free. From the Saturday night activities to the teen moms program to the video visits to what we do for kids who need crisis counseling for the past 18 years. Kids aren't charged a dime," Director of Straight Street, Keith Farmer told WDBJ7.

What's unique about "Crossing Streets," is the reason actors like Jennifer Lilly, a Roanoke native, wanted to be a part it: all the proceeds will go right to Straight Street.

"It intrigued me that it was being shot in my hometown, it was about a charity that I know about and I love the idea and the model of creating a film where the proceeds actually go to charity," Lilley said.

With a home-grown lead and extras and a local crew, making this film will be a personal achievement that boosts the town they hail from.

"This is the place we know and we love and our organization has partnered with local filmmakers that had an idea to do a commercially viable, entertaining film," the film's executive producer, Barry Armstrong said.

"In large part for them it is a labor of love."