We tell you about these stories every summer, children who die after being left alone inside a hot car.

It keeps happening, so safety experts continue reminding anyone who drives children around to never leave them unattended in a vehicle.

Carilion Community Outreach Health Educator Jill Lucas Drakeford suggests placing your purse or cellphone in the back seat, to help make sure that you don't forget your child is in the car.

Drakeford also says to keep your car locked, so children aren't tempted to play in the vehicle, and then accidentally lock themselves inside of it.

Think safety first when you take the kids to the playground this summer.

Drakeford says to make sure your child is using age- appropriate playground equipment with a safe surface, like mulch or wood chips.  And check for signs that say the playground has been inspected recently.

Always bring along a water bottle, too. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends five ounces of water for an 88 pound child every 20 minutes.

Find more safety tips at SafeKids Worldwide.