A local man is one step closer to becoming a whole new person. Jeffrey Mitchell weighs around 560 pounds and is desperately trying to lose weight.

“One side of me is totally lost, but my head also knows that I'm doing this to better myself for my family,” said Mitchell.

A transport RV customized to fit Mitchell's weight and size arrived to his front door as he got ready for a life changing journey. He says his son is one of the biggest reasons he's making this change.

"My son deserves a better father; he deserves someone who can be a father and do things with him daily," said Mitchell.

Mitchell is on his way to a weight lost rehab clinic in Ohio. His insurance is paying for the stay and donations are helping to pay for his transportation.

Mitchell says his weight gain is from consistently over-eating.

“The way I look at it now is I'm eating to live, rather than living to eat,” said Mitchell.

It's a new outlook on life that requires a lot of will power. Those closest to him know that he's leaving to better his health, but it's still a hard separation for his wife and son.

She takes care of him around the clock, and his son will have to adjust to being without his father for a while. Though there's no set time, Mitchell hopes to be home in three to six months.