FLOYD CO., Va. -

As families prepare for Thanksgiving Thursday, one family keeps searching for their missing father in Floyd County.

James Schmitt walked slowly to the answering machine in his fathers empty home in Floyd County. With one touch, the 56-year-old son turned on the small, white recording device and his voice came on. It was the message he'd left for his 92-year-old father, Robert, ten days ago.

"Good morning, are you there? Alright just calling to say hi, I'll try back in a little bit. Ok bye bye," Schmitt said.

The phone call from a son to a father. The same message is left from children to parents all over the country, every day.

"I gave [my father] 15 minutes to call back and you know to call back and when he didn't answer, something was wrong," James said.

One of the last times anyone saw Bob Schmitt was at a potluck dinner November 16 at his church in Floyd.

Don Wages, with All Saints Catholic Church, said he remembered seeing Mr Schmitt that evening.

"My boys, 15 and 13, helped him take his stuff out to his car and he's usually made this comment from time to time, he made the comment to them, it's the last thing they heard from him was like 'don't get old,'" Wages said.

James said his father left the potluck dinner around 8 p.m. and drove lost for 2 hours. He has no cell phone. What should have been a routine 12 mile drive home never ended.

Jeff Dalton with the Floyd County Sheriff's Office says several agencies have spent hundreds of hours looking for Robert Schmitt.

"[Mr Schmitt] was confused that night as to where he was. He stopped and asked some people at their residence how to get to his home which tells me he was somewhat disoriented. We hear stories all the time of someone turning up in another town that's missing. We've had it happen here in Floyd. People show up here. I'm hoping for that," Dalton said.

Robert Schmitt is a retired Baltimore firefighter with health issues who has become forgetful.

James, his son, says he grew up never telling his father that he loved him. This past year, that changed.

"I never told him I love him and about a year ago, I started realizing that it's important every time to tell say that I love you. If that's how you feel, you should say it," James said.

Memories and photographs remain, but no still word about what happened to Robert Schmitt, who was last seen driving a red Buick.