SALEM, Va. -

Today marks the 69th anniversary of D-Day, the turning point for the allies victory in World War II.

Many of the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy are no longer with us, making way for a newer, younger generation of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

That new crop of veterans means newer and tougher challenges for the organizations that help them and their families.

That particular organization does it all for military families, from fixing air conditioners to providing daycare.

With more soldiers going overseas and a challenging economy, they're having a hard time keeping up with demand.
Perhaps there's no example more poignant than empty shelves to show the demand of non-profits that help miltary families.

Two food drives a year used to satisfy the demand, now, "In the last two years, we went to three and now we're going to have to go to four a year," said President and CEO Roger Talmadge.

Whether it's cans of food, daycare services or reading material, these non-profits are meant to put soldiers and their families at ease.

"We don't need a soldier in the middle of a firefight worrying about their refrigerator not working. Cause that will get them killed," said Jerry Brittain who runs the center.

Aside from the emotional toll that having a deployed loved one takes on families, there's an economic toll too.  The Military Family Support Center has literally eaten these costs for families.

There's concern it could get to be too much money, it's something Brittain says he worries about constantly.

For now, the center is still offering all its services to all military families.

But even with the distinct possibility of financial troubles, the men who run this place are confident they'll always make the money work because they'll never stop working to honor the men and women who fight.

Most of the money to run this place either comes from grants, donations from civic leagues and private donations.

They also guessed they help over 500 families and the greater demand is a direct result of longer and more tours of duty.