Two lucky people from our area are celebrating some lucky wins.

Alisha Freeman, who lives in Christiansburg, got her hands on a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million. She bought it at Wilco Food Mart in Christiansburg.

Freeman says it was the $360 million Powerball jackpot that caught her eye. She matched the first five numbers after buying an Easy pick ticket.

Those tickets allow the computer to generate a series of random numbers. But, she said, she knew she was going to win.
"I was so confident that I was going to win and I had been telling everybody that I was going to win and I won and it's just like, I knew it.  I just had that feeling like I was going to win,” Freeman said.

Freeman wasn't the only big winner. Melvyn Watson of Daleville won $250,000. He says he's going to share it with friends, family and his church.