Another consequence from all the rain over the past couple of months, is a whole lot more pesky critters. We're talking frogs and toads that for pet owners, can be worrisome.

Early Wednesday, "Larry the dog" bit into a toad outside his home in Blacksburg. Larry belongs to WDBJ7 reporter Orlando Salinas, who says his Jack Russell mix, chased a toad and then bit into it. It wasn't long before Larry began foaming at the mouth and couldn't stop. One veterinarian said all the rain's been great for frogs and toads to multiply, but not if your pet bites into one.

"Just wash the dogs mouth out in some water and monitor the dog," said Dr. Virginia Corrigan with the Virginia-Maryland Veterinarian School of Medicine. ''There are some toads that are really, really toxic for dogs, but fortunately we don't have those in the [Southwest Virginia] area," said Corrigan.

Veterinarians say if you want to be sure your pet's OK, go ahead and bring them in. By the way, Orlando says Larry the dog is just fine.