They're out there. Free smartphone applications to help you drop some weight. 

For many of us, it might be hard to fathom that a phone could help you get fit, but I'm a believer.

There are several apps that use GPS to track your runs.  Nike running and MapMyRun are just a few of the applications that tell you everything you need to know and more.

The running apps can tell you what your pace is, how many calories you burn, how this run compares to other runs and even the total amount of running you did and calories you've burned. 

I've run 165 miles and burned almost 25,000 calories in 2013 by running.

Also, if you really like a particular route, you can save it and try and beat your time the next time you do it whether you're running or walking.

If you talk to any dietitian, they'll tell you that logging what you eat is a great way to lose weight.  There are some great smartphone apps out there to help you do that.

MyFintnessPal, LoseIt! and MyNetDiary are a few of the free apps that help you log your calorie consumption.  Those apps have the calorie information for most restaurant dishes, so you can really see how many calories that cheeseburger is.

Those apps also let you log your exercise and tailor to your body.  You can but in all your biometric data and the app will tell you if you had a good eating day or a bad one, and some even say how long it will take you to get to your goal weight, or what you'll weigh in five weeks.