At one point, State Police were overwhelmed by the size of the investigation. Nearly 100 cars involved in the chain wreck. Early Monday, I met Tina Snow, who said as crazy as it sounds, she saw the whole chain of events happen.

On Easter Sunday, Tina says she and her husband were right behind an 18 wheeler on Fancy Gap Mountain, a dangerous stretch of road that was covered in a nasty fog.

There was a truck driver. There was a slow car in front of it on I-77 Southbound. Fancy Gap has a past. Over the years, several people have died in car accidents. Police say it often comes down to an ugly mix of bad fog and impatient drivers.

Snow said she saw the accident start, "The 18 wheeler came out of the slow lane and into the fast lane and he didnt break he didn't slow down, he kept going. And the little car in front of him obviously wasn't going fast enough for him so he braked extremely hard and when he braked extremely hard he fish tailed. And at the point of fish tailing and everybody starts slamming their brakes on."

State Police say tow trucks were called from all over the area, including North Carolina, some 20 miles away. 3 dead. 25 hurt. Some folks who live around Hillsville say more needs to done to make the mountain safer, others told me "It's fog and it ain't changing."