Imagine that you're taking a leisurely bike ride one minute and then the next,  you're in the hospital with serious injuries; but you don't even know how it happened. That's what one Roanoke man went through on Monday evening.
But, his story could've been a lot worse. Frank Haranzo could've been paralyzed or dead after his accident.  He told Your Hometown News Leader that he's in good spirits, determined to ride again soon and wants answers.

Frank Haranzo went out for what he thought was going to be a leisurely ride around his Roundhill neighborhood until he realized every bikers' nightmare.

"I came off a turn on Greenland down to Oakland, got about half way down, heard a scream, got a bump in my butt and the next thing I knew I was on the ground," Haranzo told WDBJ7.

The scream, he believes came from the person who caused the accident. Now, Haranzo is recovering from injuries that could've paralyzed him or worse.

"I got a concusion, I got a broke nose." "I got a fracture in my neck and my back, compression fracture in my back and two cracked ribs."

Haranzo says he was in shock after the accident and walked almost a mile home before being taken to the hospital. But what's not clear is how it all happened.

"I didn't see nothing.  I don't remember anything." "I can't tell you if it was someone's palm or someone's car mirror or someone's bumper."

Family members have been by Haranzo's side since the accident.  His wife Angela filed a police report and still hopes to find out how this happened.

"It's affecting me, our daughters, or family and our friends. And it wasn't just one person who was affected by this accident.

Those that help plan the area's roads say local leaders are working for more resources for bikers. 

"There's a long term bike plan that identifies what all these roads need to be, where there are areas of high use," said Jeremy Holmes of Bike Roanoke and Ride Solutions. "Folks with the city and VDOT working with the county and other localities can try to put whatever is the appropriate accomodation in," Holmes continued.

But for the Haranzo family, the recovery process will be a painful one.  And Frank Haranzo whomever is responsible for his close call will come forward.

"When you hit somebody in a vehicle that's a violation.  Come forward, stand up. That's all I'm asking."

The Haranzo family is working to set up a reward for anyone who can help shed some light on what happened.

Anyone with information is asked to call Roanoke City Police.