Police arrested Matthew Jones today.

They've been looking for him for weeks to question him about the disappearance of Desia Rae George.

Officers arrested Jones today near Asheboro, North Carolina, which is south of Greensboro.

The woman went missing from Fries in Carroll County last month.

WDBJ7's Nadia Singh spoke with the missing woman's sister Thursday.

Desia Rae George's dissaperance continues to baffle police.

Her family, including her sister, Labrina, continues to look tirelessly for her.

Labrina says she's fearful for her sister's life and thinks Jones is responsible for her mysterious disappearance.

"Is she cold, is she hungry, is she being tortured?" Labrina said.

Through tears, Labrina Quesenberry spoke to Your Hometown News Leader exclusively about her sister, Desi Rae George's disappearance.

"I know my sister, she would not leave on her own, she was forced, or she was harmed,” Labrina said.

George is the mother of four, and her sister believes there's no way she would leave her kids or her family.

Quesenberry thinks if anything happened to her sister, the boyfriend Matthew Jones is to blame.

George's best friend, Pat Hamm, echoes that.

"From what I knew of him, I thought he was nice. Until I started really getting to see things, different things about him,” Hamm said.

Jones has been considered a person of interest in this case from the beginning. The Hamm family lives directly in front of George's home and they say something was terribly wrong the night before she went missing.

"The house was just all messed up.  I mean it didn't look like something had just been knocked over,” Hamm said.

With 24 days of silence, though, both George's sister and best friend are worried and want her to know they're not giving up hope.

"Desiree if you can hear me out there, I would appreciate it if you would just come home.  We love you and are still looking and praying for you," Hamm said.

"I love her very much, the whole family loves her, her kids love her and if she can hear me please come home,” Labrina said.