When it comes to crossing a busy section of Route 114 in Christiansburg, there's a solution on the way.

That stretch of road next to the New River Valley Mall is tough for pedestrians.

Just about every time I drive by, folks are running fast to get to the other side.

The space in the middle has always been a busy spot. The two lane road is being widened to four lanes on a one mile stretch of Route 114 at the New River Valley Mall.

But getting from the Walmart side to the mall side with Route 114 in the middle, that's risky.

So the new "Renva W.Knowles" pedestrian bridge is going up. The cost sits at about a million dollars and will carry the Huckleberry Trail over Route 114 or Peppers Ferry Road.

The Virginia Department of Transportation tells me that the South side is about 90 percent complete. Construction on the North side should start in a couple of weeks.

WDBJ7 spoke with Trish Cook, the general manager of the Holiday Inn Christiansburg, who said this new bridge will be a great selling point for folks who want something outdoors to do and will make the intersection a lot safer.

"Yes most definitely it's very dangerous out here. I have teams that stay here. So sometimes there's 15 or 20 people that walk across the road they have to stand and watch traffic both ways plus coming out of the intersection at the mall."

Mike Poldiak, the general manager of the New River Valley Mall, said the mall has been involved in discussions about the bridge from the very start. Poldiak said when the Renva W. Knowles" pedestrian bridge is completed, it will "open up the doors to a a whole new segment of shoppers coming in off the Huckleberry Trail."

VDOT said the new pedestrian bridge should be completed by this time next year.