Students returned to class at New River Community College on Wednesday, five days after two women were shot.         

There was lots of energy and everyone was busy on the campus at New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg Wednesday night.

Inside the lobby, administrators, students and counselors went on as normal. 

School leaders say it hadn't looked like this all week. Support groups met almost every day since the shooting to talk about what happened here. School leaders say communicating is the most important thing right now.

“What our whole group does is come together and talk a lot. We've had meetings of faculty and staff to prepare them for our students and we've had on sight gatherings,” Dr. Mark Rowh, New River Community College Vice President and spokesperson, said.

Counselors, students and faculty are all going to these support meetings.

One of the things that surprised school leaders about this shooting is the number of people this impacted.

Whether they were students here or not, the need for counselors was great.