FRIES, Va. -

The body of a Fries woman missing for five weeks has been found.

The sheriff in Carroll County has confirmed that the body of Desia Rae George, 33, was found Wednesday in a gully about 150 yards from the Grayson - Wythe County line.

The mother of four had been missing since April 15. Her youngest is a two month old baby girl.

Police say Wednesday a boy was weed eating around the bank of a pond and found a cellphone. Police took the phone, plugged it in, and sure enough pictures appeared on the phone of Ms. George.

Investigators went back to where the phone was found and say it wasn’t long before they found her body.

She was reportedly found either in or very near an area called "the devil’s den." Old-timers said it got that name because there are rattlesnakes all over the place.

Police want to speak with Desia Rae George’s boyfriend at the time, Matthew Steven Jones. They say he is a person of interest and was the last person seen with Ms. George.  Jones remains in a North Carolina jail in connection with a bank robbery. He has refused to speak with police about the missing mom.

We spoke with Desia's mom and dad Thursday. They said they should not have outlived their daughter. They also wanted to thank all the folks who have been looking for their daughter.

No word yet on how Ms. George was killed. A close family friend said that a couple of weeks before Desia disappeared, she went to church and accepted Jesus as her personal saviour.



3:54 p.m. Thursday: Authorities found the body of a missing Fries woman Wednesday night.

Desia Ray George's body was found along Brush Creek Road in Grayson County, about 150 yards from the Wythe County line, according to Carroll County Sheriff J. B. Gardner.  The body was sent to the medical examiner for positive identification.  Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan later said the body was that of Desia Rae George.

Carroll County deputies have been looking into George's disappearance.  She was from the Fries area and had been missing since mid-April.  Her boyfriend, Matthew Jones, is considered a person of interest in the case.  He was arrested earlier this month in North Carolina on unrelated charges.