VT faculty and staff worship at War Memorial

POSTED: 06:08 PM EDT Aug 21, 2013    UPDATED: 06:08 PM EDT Aug 21, 2013 

Around the country, colleges and universities are set to start the new school year.

At Virginia Tech, there's a group of folks seeking wisdom as thousands of students converge onto the campus.

This story's all about a group of VT faculty and staff who meet during lunch to share their faith and encourage each other to keep on keeping on.

One by one they came during their lunch break. By noon Wednesday, some 30 faculty and staff were inside the War Memorial Chapel.

Next to the altar the piano man was revving up the small Christian crowd, playing familiar songs. Outside, Stuart Mease who works at the Pamplin College of Business said, "I think we get encouragement from each other that are working in this environment."

Once a month, Oasis Fellowship finds fellowship inside this public chapel on campus and guest speakers are brought in to share their world. On this day, Pastor Rusty Mullins is not holding back.

"If we are followers of Jesus Christ then we are to be walking by faith everyday especially on a campus like this that's so needed," Mullins said.

More than 30,000 full time students have started converging on this campus with the Fall semester just days away.

Mullins reminds the crowd of its responsibility to reach out and share.

"People in your position quickly need to realize that there are students that pass by you all semester," Mullins said.

For three years, Oasis Fellowship has met quietly underneath the war memorial.

I notice what seems like a good mix of men and women in attendance Wednesday. They say their faith is rooted and these meetings help, as the college grind begins.

Jeff Earley tells me he's part of the original group that started Oasis Fellowship in 2010.

"Whether you're on campus or off campus," said Early, "it's hard. It's always a daily struggle to keep focused."

Oasis Fellowship meets the third Wednesday of every month at noon inside the War Memorial Chapel.