For young girls and women who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy, there's a new place in Radford where they can get more information about their options.

The Valley Women's Clinic is located inside a home that was once used as an outreach ministry to students from Radford University. Thursday morning, a welcome line formed outside the Valley Women's Clinic on Fairfax street in Radford.

But why Radford? I asked Debbie Christian that exact question. Debbie oversees the Valley Women's Clinic.

Christian, standing outside the new clinic said, "The Virginia Department of Health statistics show that areas in college towns across the state of Virginina are higher with abortions in percentage rates this past year. Radford had a 30 percent abortion rate out of all pregnancies ended in abortion."

Christian said the Valley Women's Clinic talks about all the options available, including adoption and carrying and keeping the baby.

I asked about the option of abortion; how does staff handle that question from a client? Christian said, "The way we see it which is if they're considering abortion, we will talk to them about those options. Now we don't perform or refer to an agency that offers those options, but we do talk to them about the risks, the procedures and if they still choose that, they will be treated with respect."

The Valley Women's Clinic offers pregnancy and STD testing, as well as parenting classes.

It also offers ultrasound so women can actually see how far along they are in their pregnancy.

Numbers from the Virginia Department of Health, show that in 2011 there were a total of 64 abortions in the city of Radford, of those, 52 were performed on single women.

Sarah Droppleman, a rising senior at Radford University, was walking along the campus with her mother. I walked up to her with a microphone and asked what she thought about a women's clinic that offered information about all options when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy. Droppleman answered quickly, "I think you should have as much information you can possibly have before you make a decision, especially a big one like getting an abortion. You need to have any piece of information and know everything about it before you make that decision, because it is a huge decision."

I reached out to Planned Parenthood in both Blacksburg and Roanoke, to get its take on this new 'no abortion'' clinic opening in Radford.

Neither office answered the phone, I did leave a detailed message.