A missing persons case has turned into a murder case in Campbell County.

WDBJ7 learned Monday that a grand jury indicted Jeffrey Wright on murder charges in connection to the disappearance of Wendy Beadles Francis.

Wright is now charged with second degree murder and unlawful disposal of a body.

Investigators said they searched Wright's residence multiple times during the course of their investigation.

Francis was last seen in June 2012 in the small town of Brookneal.

WDBJ7 sat down with her mother, Gayle Snead, about two weeks ago to talk about the two year anniversary of her disappearance.

Snead said Francis called her to tell she was fishing at a boat ramp with some friends. Her daughter was never seen or heard from again.

Snead said her 35-year-old daughter was very trusting and it was a trait that had her daughter hanging out with the wrong crowd.

A court date has not been set for Wright, according to the clerk.

Investigators have yet to discover Francis' body.