After making it to the playoffs in back to back years, Jefferson Forest's football team failed to make the post season in 2013, finishing with a final mark of 4 and 6.

Now with Bob Christmas back for his second stint as the Cavaliers' Head Coach, he's ready to right the ship.

"I think there's a ton of potential to work with. We've gotta huge junior class and a good group of seniors. We've got 15 seniors and a lot to build on here. You know, we're not going to concede any game. We're going to go into every game expecting to win and preparing our best to win and just got to see what happens. The kids seem to be very responsive to what we're putting in offensively and defensively. Now they're still having to think a lot because it's all new to them but I think each and every practice it seems to click a little bit more," said coach Bob Christmas.

The Cavaliers started last season strong, winning 3 of their first 4 games, but trailed-off on the back end losing 5 of their last 6 games.

Despite that rough finish though, there doesn't seem to be any lingering affects and the team seems more than ready to tackle 2014.

"There's been good energy. A bunch of great kids and like I said, I think they've got the heart to really want to get better. We've never had to try to push them when they didn't want to be pushed so that always makes practice fun. If you're trying to get something out of people that don't want to give you anything, it's tough. But that hasn't been the case with these young men," said Christmas.