Benjamin Franklin Middle School science students are taking a hands-on approach to learning. Ms. Keith's sixth grade class is turning to the digital page using eBooks.

“The use of the iPad and all the apps eBooks, etc., internet at their finger tips keeps them very engaged,” said teacher Ann Keith. “It's all hands on. They're touching, they're typing; they're reading with a lit background. They're highlighting. It's very interactive.”

The technology is also allowing student to turn in class work through apps. During tests, answers to questions are submitted instantly. It gives the teacher immediate feedback.

“We notice that there was an improvement in testing. The scores jumped and we especially saw that in the sub group of special education,” said Keith.

7th grade students are literally giving science a whole new face. Students are a part of the WIN Program.

“It's an acronym for “What I Need. Every Monday and Tuesday we have students who either receive enrichment activities to their science or English class or it could be an elective class or they receive remediation in math and English,” said School Principal Brenda Muse.

During the science enrichment classes, students reconstructed model face.

“You're not sitting and reading a book or doing questions. It's different from being in the classroom. It gets to be more fun,” said students Abbey Justice.

Teachers say students enjoy the hands on approach. It's something they can see happening more in the future.