"It'll bring a lot of the traffic over here, but if it keeps the water from rising, it'll be a good thing," says Ashley Ray.

Ray and her family have a front row seat to all the action near Walnut Avenue and 5th Street.

Whether it's speeding or flood waters, she has seen it all.

Says Ray, "We've had it almost come up to our streets, so it's been pretty high."

But, Vinton's latest construction project could ease these issues.

"It's 3-point-5 million dollar, low water bridge, which replaces an 80-year old bridge that floods quite often," explains Vinton Town Manager Chris Lawrence.

Instead of shutting down Walnut Avenue- and rerouting truck traffic through neighborhoods, the new bridge is being built right next to the old one.

"What's being built is two-travel lanes, bikes lanes and sidewalks on both sides to allow it to be very safe for pedestrians, strollers, connects to greenways and for bicyclists," says Lawrence.

While the bridge and flood-calming measures are a huge part of the project, there's another aspect.

When it's all said and done there will be a greenway in Vinton that links up with the larger system through out the Roanoke Valley. But, it's still about 2 to 4years away.

Says Lawrence, "Greenways are economic development. It's quality of life. If people like where they live, they'll move businesses here, they'll support businesses here."

And, thanks to help money and grants from the Virginia Department of Transportation and other organization, Vinton leaders say the town is getting about 4-million dollars worth of construction projects for about 60-thousand dollars.