SALEM, Va. -

A rainy day outside of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Salem didn’t put a damper on the car show and bake sale benefit to help the Williams family.

They lost their home when a compressor used during their home renovation caught on fire in September.

“They’re great people, fun, loving and do anything in the world for you," said event organizer Alex Kibler.

Kibler is the event organizer and grew up next door to the Williams family. He said he knew he had to do something to help.

Barbra Williams, who watched her home burned, says it’s overwhelming to see the amount of people who are supporting.

“Everybody that’s here helping you, that’s the good part of it. That’s the good outlook of it. People that you don’t know and they just want to come and help you, so that gives you a better outlook,” said Williams.

“It’s nice to see, to know that these people that we don’t even know are willing to help and companies that we’ve never dealt with are willing to help, “said relative, Amy Firebaugh.

Several items were up for raffle and a bake sale featured sweets of all variety.
Williams says the kindness of other have helped her and her family.

“As you see we got a lot of support, a lot of friends and family and strangers, that’s what motivated you,” said Williams.

The benefit raised more than a $1000.