The General Assembly saw a road block when it comes to the way older drivers keep their licenses.

A new proposal would require drivers ovr 75-years-old to renew their licenses and continue to renew them every 5 years.

“It's a reasonable safety approach. We're not trying to take anyone's license. We're not trying to harm anyone's personal freedoms. It's just an opportunity to make the roads a little bit safer,” Senator Jeff McWaters (R - 8th District) said.

"I just have a feeling that what you're going to do with this bill is you're going to insert a great deal of fear among your constituents and I think a lot of them are going to ask why in the world did we do this.," Senator Dick Black (R - 13th District) said.

The proposal came up for a vote twice, and failed both times.

It now seems unlikely the legislation will resurface during the current session of the General Assembly.