When it comes to covering up tons of trash, the Twin County landfill in Hillsville is trying something different.

A black tarp spread out over several acres at the Carroll-Grayson-Galax Solid Waste Authority.

The material appeared similar to tarps rolled out to protect infields, during rain delays at baseball games.

For 23 years, truckloads of trash have been dumped at the Twin County landfill in Hillsville.

Normally, when a section or cell is of the landfill is full, tons of costly red clay are trucked in, spread out and compressed, covering up the garbage.

But the landfill manager, Allen Lawson, said there wasn't space to store tons of red clay and it cost too much anyway.

"Yeah it's just the expense of it. It just makes more sense to go this route, not only from its availability. It's no testing on site once it's down," Lawson said.

Site field inspector Travis Brown said layers of a special fabric are being rolled out and across this section of landfill that's now full.

"There will be no more trash deposited here. There will be 2 feet of dirt on top of this final layer," Brown said.

The top third layer is laid out like wall to wall carpet. Sections fit snug and are glued together and that's that.

Lawson said going the red clay way would take 3,000 truck loads.

"We would have to find truck in 38,000 yards of material and it just made better sense to go this route," Lawson said.

The plan is to have nearly 14 full acres of trash, completely covered with this hi-tech tarp by December.