Launched nationally four years ago," Back to Church Sunday" is an initiative to reach un-churched or de-churched people.

About 20,000 churches are expected to participate this year from across the country, hoping to invite more than 2,000,000 visitors.

Members of the Penn Forest Worship Center are hoping to reach those in the Roanoke community.

“Jesus came to heal the sick and minster to the poor; too often the churches become a little country club that stay to themselves. It's important to reach out beyond the walls and make a difference,” said Pastor Myron Atkinson.

The traditional church attire of suits and ties and dresses and hats, isn't an issue at Penn Forest. They want visitors to know they can come as they are.

“I have on UVa. colors as I was told today. My son has on a pink polo shirt; my wife is not in a dress. You don't see me in a suit and tie,” said church member Ray Oyler.

Clergy members say people leave the church for different reason. Church members here were asked to invite family and or friends.

“If you come back to church, we can find hope. We can hope for our marriages, hope for our lives and every aspect,” said Atkinson.