The late Bishop William Henry Marmion was honored Saturday morning for his works in the Roanoke community. The Head Start Center on Grayson Avenue bears his name.

“It's a very appropriate honor to focus on Bishop William Marmion and his impact on this community in general,” said retired Bishop Heath Light.

People attending the building dedication say Bishop Marmion was not only a Christian leader of the Episcopal Church but a leader in the community.

“The Episcopal Church has been very very generous with this facility and also the Head Start center at Saint John's and making Head Start possible for these kids,” said TAP President Ted Edlich.

TAP, which is short for Total Action for Progress, runs the Heads Start program. Their values include respect for others, advocacy for the oppressed, disadvantaged and disenfranchised. Those who knew Marmion say he faced hurdles during tough times.

“In 1954 when the Supreme Court made the decision about Brown v. The Board of Education to integrate the public school, while he was in favor of that not many people were in favor of that as you can imagine,” said Light.

Marmion's leadership persevered for 25 years, now his legacy will live on within the youth.