Hearts were heavy this Sunday at Snowville Baptist Church as the congregation mourned the loss of two from their church family.

Health officials confirm that two members of the Simpkins family died from an isolated illness. Four others are being treated at a Roanoke hospital.

“This family grew up here, so this community is real close, and with this happening it's a shock. So people are struggling how to deal with it,” said Pastor Neil Wood.

Pastor Wood spoke about how to deal with loss. Members here know the family and the reality is proving to be difficult.

“Like I said in the message, it's hard when it's your family or when it's close to you. You grieve for people when they are in other part of the country and things happen. But you don't feel it like you do when it's in your neighborhood,” said Wood.

But prayers aren't the only things this congregation is collecting. They are also raising money to help with hospital expenses.

“Do pray for the family because that's what they need right now for strength because this is long term this is not a short term act,” said Wood.

Donations for the Simpkins can be sent to the church and members plan to do all they can for the family dealing with tragedy.