Outside of the U.S. Army Recruiting Center in Roanoke, Sutton Smith who has leukemia arrives only to be greeted by service men and women. They wanted to surprise him with a fun obstacle.

“This little boy is showing that as long as you keep hope anything is possible,” co-event organizer Sgt. Arthur Taylor.

When Army recruiter Brittany Shaffer heard Sutton's story she knew she wanted to do something for him. Others wanted to help and it took no time to plan a special day for a special boy.

“You wake up every day and we complain about how our coffee is not hot enough or the traffic is awful, I didn't get a pay raise. And they're just so minute problems and here is this little boy who has a smile on his face every day,” said co-event organizer Brittany Shaffer.

Sutton and his two brothers went through a challenge course of finding the bad guys in the building. Part of the mission even required a briefing meeting, military style.

After completing the mission, Sutton and his family went for a ride in a humvee. Back at the center, members of the armed service awaited his return.

“He just has been an inspiration to us; to a lot of people I think he just is, a smile on his face every day; so few complaints and just strong,” said mother Mary Smith.

He's strong in fighting this battle but it's a battle that he doesn't have to fight alone.