A woman from Thailand wants to bring a little bit of her culture here to Southwest Virginia.

Jang Lawson's story begins with a love for Brian Lawson and a love for Thai food.

Jang grew up in a small rice village in Thailand. But seven years ago, her life changed in an online chat room.

She met a Virginian named Brian from Wythe County. Two years later she found herself living in Christiansburg and married to him. Jang said she knew it was meant to be. "It was a big decision to leave but I decided to move here anyway. So you moved here for love? That's right," smiled Lawson.

Her dream was to bring a taste of Thailand here to Virginia. "I wanted spicier food, more flavorful, and that's why I started cooking finer ingredients and cooking for myself," explained Jang.

Now her dream has turned into a mobile business. It's a food truck called "Thai This". Brian says it became his dream too because he loves Jang and he's been in the restaurant business since he was a teenager. "I want people to experience what I experienced on my trip to Thailand and what Jang is all about and that's her culture and her food," said Brian.

Also helping to run the truck is Brian's best friend, Stephen Widner.

Now that Jang has spiced up Brian's life, she's looking to share her love for Thai food to Southwest Virginia.

To find out where you can find the food truck Thai This, click here.