A dog found near Danville may have been used in dog fighting.

A North Carolina family is nursing him back to good health after finding him malnourished and abused last week.

At first glance, Mason, a Pit Bull, seems like any other seemingly healthy dog. His new foster mom named him and says he has a rough history.

Her brother found Mason on the side of the road on Thursday, skinny, and timid.

"We saw all these scars on him and right away we knew he was involved in dog fighting," said Galyna Karpenski, Mason's foster mom and volunteer at the Animal Protection Society of Caswell County, North Carolina.

A vet and other volunteers and managers at the Animal Protection Society agree. They say it's possible Mason was used as a bait dog for fighting, a painful roll meant for submissive dogs to train aggressive dogs to fight better.

"All the scarring, the condition the dog was in. Skeleton, which they keep them malnourished, so they aren't strong enough to fight back, but that's probably been his job all his life," said Susan Pendergraph, manager of the Animal Protection Society.

The family says he was shot.

A vet removed a small pellet from his ear and says there are more around his skull. They say Mason is scared and curious, but loving.

"He is just the sweetest thing. He waggles his tail. He gets along with my other foster dogs. Also, I have a four year old son, and he gets along with my four year old son," Karpenski said.

The family and the animal society haven't reported the finding to police, because they say there isn't much to go on. If you know about Mason or dog fighting call police.

There is a $5,000 reward offered by the United States Humane Society for information leading to an arrest of anyone involved with dog fighting.