Fifteen years.  That's how long 62-year-old Roseanna Tucker went without health insurance until now.

Th Stewartsville wife and mother sat down on her son's front porch in Roanoke to tell us how it's going.

She pays $200 dollars a month for her plan with a $3,600 deductible.

"I'm not really happy right now about it because 'm paying $200 a month. They said I have to have it or get a penalty and I don't want to pay a penalty," said Tucker. "My husband and I could use the extra $200.00 a month."

Tucker said the high deductible makes it tough as well. 

"They don't pay anything if I got to pay that big a deductible I'm paying $3,000 out of my pocket to start with," Tucker said.

Tucker said she has seen a $3 savings on her prescriptions. But she says that $200 a month for the premium is hard to come by. 

"We're cutting back other things," Tucker said.  " I pay that.  I pay my car insurance and my mortgage . I don't have a lot left over for food and whatever but we're making due."

Roseanna Tucker's son is about to turn 27.   He works as an area manager at a local fast food chain.

"I do not have health insurance right now," Geoffrey Tucker said.

This Dallas Cowboys fan and dog lover said he did look into it, but the $200 monthly premium he was quoted was just too much.

"I'm healthy, nothing wrong me or anything so I was like I ain't going to pay $200," Geoffrey Tucker said.

Even though Geoffrey Tucker works just shy of 40 hours a week, he said he's not provided insurance through work that would be good enough to avoid the penalty.

For now, he's going without.

"I already passed the deadline to get it this year because the deadline I think was April 1 so I don't have insurance still," Geoffrey Tucker said. " I know I'm going to get penalized this year for it."

"I don't think people ought to be forced," Roseanna Tucker said. "If you want it you should be able to get it and they're going to penalize us if we don't pay it."

A health insurance payment is something that's new for many people.

Patrick Kelly, with Enroll Virginia in Roanoke said people will have to re-work their budgets to fit it in.

"I have found a lot of people that haven't been budgeting for this for years," Kelly said.

"They've haven't had insurance maybe at all in their lives. so this is a budget line they haven't had.  They are adding a substantial one, a car payment (size) budget line that the haven't prepared for," Kelly said. "There are going to be some growing pains  that people are going to have to deal with."