It's been one month tonight since Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy disappeared.

The FBI announced Tuesday that it found Alexis Murphy's cell phone. It's a step further in the investigation, and hope for Murphy's family.

“I still have have hope and faith, so I feel pretty good that my daughter is out there,” Laura Murphy, Alexis’ mom said.

During an investigation last month, authorities found several cell phones. The news gives continuing hope for the Murphy family.

“It was like a relief, you know that we know that they found the cell phone,” Laura Murphy said.

Authorities have not said where they found the phone, but after receiving analysis results back from the FBI Lab, they confirmed it belongs to Murphy.

Laura Murphy says she feels her daughter is alive. She thinks Randy Taylor, the man accused of kidnapping her, knows where she is.

“When I look at him, I don't see killer in his eyes,” Laura Murphy said. “I don’t see that, but I know he's a predator and I do know that he has my daughter somewhere.”

Search efforts were underway this weekend. A dive team spent Saturday searching along Rockfish River in Nelson County for any clues.

Laura Murphy says hope is what she's holding on to.

“When I get up in the morning, that’s the day that they find her and call me and say that they found her. That’s what keeps me getting up,” Laura Murphy said.

Crews found a red sweater during Saturday's search. We're told by investigators that it does not belong to Alexis.