As the race for Governor rolls toward November, allegations of scandal are overshadowing other issues in the campaign.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe continues to field questions about the electric car company Greentech Automotive, and efforts to secure visas for foreign investors.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli still faces criticism for refusing to pay back a wealthy contributor for gifts worth thousands of dollars.

WDBJ7 Senior Political Analyst Harry Wilson says the allegations are taking a toll.
"It certainly doesn't do much to raise the profile in a positive way for either candidate," Wilson said Wednesday afternoon, "and you know what you may see at the end of the day is people being really turned off by both candidates and you could see a low turnout election."

University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato also referred to the campaign's dueling scandals in a tweet on Tuesday.

Describing the Virginia governor's race so far, he wrote, "I'll see your scandal, and raise you an embarrassment."