Virginia Department of Transportation drivers say the snow accumulated quickly on the road this morning in the Alleghany Highlands

Folks here know what they're doing when it comes to winter weather, even when it's a little different.   

When you think of a hardware store, you don't think of bunny rabbits.

Unless you're third grader Aubrey Brown who's really looking for something to do on a snow day.

"I was like 'dad, can we go see the bunnies? And then he was like okay, whatever,'" Aubrey said.

"They know dad's pretty gullible," Aubrey's father Lee said.

J.W. Tingler owns Farm and Fuel, one of the only 24 hour stores in Covington.

He added the rabbits to the store around five years ago, and it's a big draw.

"We have some people come in, that's the only reason they're coming in," Tingler said.

Businesswise, things moved slow for Tingler today.

VDOT kept the roads in good shape overall, but not enough for some of the logging trucks he relies on for business.

"It's slowed the truckers down a lot, the loggers, they can't maneuver around the mountains with all the snow and these kinds of conditions," said Tingler.

Now that the snow has tapered off, the focus turns to the extreme cold.

Unable to chop wood yesterday because of the rain, Richard Baker needed the special delivery.

"I own 11 acres back here on the hill and it was so muddy up there I couldn't get up there so I had to buy a load," Baker added.

His new stack of wood will get Brown through the night, and based on the cold being called for, he'll need it.