The icy conditions continue to affect many hometowns and there's no break in sight for the frigid temperatures.

To try to deal with dangerous road conditions, Roanoke County Public Schools offered alternate bus routes Thursday, something new for the district.

This was the first time the school offered alternate morning bus routes and alerted parents via its website. The the main concern? Safety.

Not all parents were happy about the change but, many were relieved that the district stepped up.

Roanoke County Public School students have enjoyed a mini-four-day vacation this week. Good news for them, bad news for parents straying from their normal routines, although they were impressed at the district's creative solution.

"We knew that we were going to take them to school anyways so I didn't check into that but I was pleased at least to know that they did have options," Roanoke County parent, Kim Yonce told WDBJ7.

Other parents weren't as understanding. Some said, having alternate routes, some further away, posed unsafe conditions. School administrators says when the weather is bad tough decisions have to be made, but safety is top priority.

"If they felt like their child could not get to a point our get to school safety, please keep them home and we would excuse them and let them make up their work," Dr. Lorraine Lange, Roanoke County Public Schools Superintendent told Your Hometown News Leader.

School administrators says they knew most of the area was safe to navigate but the Clearbrook and Mt. Pleasant areas are especially treacherous, and dangerous for buses.

Dr. Martin Misicko, the Director of Operations and Facilities for RCPS said, "what we need to do now is look at every road in the entire county and look at spots that we can use in the future as a permanent site in case we do have inclement weather."

Which will not only help keep the morning routine in check, but offer parents and the district some peace of mind.

Lane says the school district will soon set permanent alternate routes for future bad weather.

All RCPS buses will be making their normal stops Friday morning.