The NFL players are eliminated from the race at the airport. 8 teams remain, who will be eliminated next?

Nicole and Travis is the first team to depart from the pit stop. Teams will travel to Svolvaer, Norway. Once they land, they will find their clue at the ferry. Nicole says she will use her Brooklyn’s skill at hustling to get to the top of this race. Jason and Amy view the married doctors as inspiration for them as a couple and racers. It seems that these two teams will work together.

All of the teams are on the same flight to Norway. The bearded bros are acting weird! They have fishing line to catch fish for no reasons in their bag. Talk about weighing yourself down with useless junk. Tim and Marie want to give their express pass to travis and Nicole because they actually won the leg but received a penalty. You see, they can be nice. But, will they??

hang your heads or hammer of the cods

hang your heads, teams string 6 bundles of fish heads to transport it to a drying rack
hammer of the cods, teams collect 15 cods and hammer it to make fish jerky

Most teams choose hang except for Tim and Danny, and Nicky and Kim. The teams are off, but, walk or taxi? The distance to the detour is a little over a mile away. The bearded men actually jog to the detour because taxis are not popular at 11 o'clock in the night.

Tim and Marie arrive to the detour first. More teams join them on the detour. Nicky and Kim is the last team to get to the detour. Tim and Marie are the first to finish but dating couple Jason and Amy are not far away. Jamal and Leo chose a wheel barrel that has a flat tire. This will make their journey going up the hill to the hanging rack difficult.

Tim and Marie hang their fish on an unmarked pole. They get denied and have no clue why. Jason and Amy pass them while the bearded guys pass as well. No teams help the Exes because they can’t stand Marie. The married doctors hang their fish and Marie finally understands why she failed. They quickly transfer their fish to a marked pole to receive their clue.

Back at the detour, Oklahoma and MLB wives are far behind; they have difficulties on their task. Both teams chose the hard detour. Tim and Danny leave the girls behind in search of the next clue.

Jason and Amy take a boat ride to Henningsave village. They are currently in first place. However, Brandon and Adam are right there.


One person must take a leap off a bridge then clip off into the arctic waters. Brandon, Jason, Nicole, Ashley, Tim and Jamal all do the roadblock. Brandon is the first to do this roadblock and he is loving life. He gets the clue first for his team.

Ford Challenge

Teams must use a ford truck to move a boulder to retrieve a clue and a bundle of coins. Yay! for product placement. The bearded men fly through this task to advance to the Pit Stop at the Viking longhouse.

Tim and Marie leave the area without getting their clue. Ally and Ashley do not know how to drive shift. They ask Team Oklahoma and they actually help the girls. While traveling to the Pit Stop, Nicole and Travis spot Tim and Marie. The Exes have no clue where the Pit Stop is because they did not get the clue. Nicole sees this as an opportune time to ask for the express pass for details on the Pit Stop. Marie does not want to give the clue out so the Married Doctors leave.

At the Pit Stop, Phil announces to Brandon and Adam that the leg is not over and they must keep racing.

to be continued...

Race Order

1. Brandon and Adam

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