The bearded friends are out and so are Tim and Marie’s express pass. They used their express pass that landed their team a first place victory. Who will be eliminated next?

Tim and Marie depart to Vienna, Austria via rail. Once there, teams will find the costume department at the opera house. The top 3 teams work together because they left the pit stop at the same time. All the teams except the IceGhanimals (Ice Queens + Afghanimals) are on the same train until they catch up at the layover. The teams ask the Afghanimals if they U-turned Adam and Brandon. The friends lie about their move. The teams know they are lying to them.

The train stops in Vienna and the teams are off to the Opera House. The opera house is stunning. It is definitely a place to visit if you are ever in Vienna

light brigade, assemble a chandelier
masquerade, wear a mask and match the mask from a couple performing the viennese waltz.

Fast Forward

Jason and Amy and Travis and Nicole are off to the fast forward at the Donauturm. But, Travis and Nicole notice that Jason and Amy are already ahead of them so they quickly switch to the masquerade. Jason and Amy attempt the fast forward which is a bungee jump. But, the couple can’t jump because it is too windy. Jason wants to go but Amy is hesitant. After a long time, the couple gives up to do the detour.

All teams chose the masquerade detour. A lot of the couples have a hard time matching the masks. Tim and Marie are the first team to finish and are off to the Weiner Sangerknaben but, they can’t find a taxi. Nicky and Kim are hot on their heels.


The Afghanimals get to the roadblock first. The roadblock forces one member to join the Vienna’s Boy Choir to sing ‘Die Forelle’. Teams learn the language first before attempting to sing the song. Nicky knows the language but cannot sing. This roadblock is right up Travis’s wheelhouse. Travis first attempt was unsuccessful but he brought it down an octave and he passed. Travis and Nicole are team number one.

Nicky and Kim are the second team to complete this task. As they search for taxi’s, they see Jason and Amy’s bags in a taxi. The taxi driver take their bags out the back but the MLB wives did not want to go through that drama. Tim and Marie take Jason and Amy’s taxi and think of a way out of the confrontation. They are going to blame the Afghanimals.

Schononbrunn palace has the teams entering a maze. The doctors and wives navigate the maze to the clue box. The Pit Stop is nearby. Nicole and Travis are the first to the Pit Stop. Jason and Amy officially know Tim and Marie stole their taxi because they spot their former taxi driver with their bags inside. DRAMA! The dating couple feels disappointed at the exes.

Back at the roadblock, Tim and Ally have a hard time getting the approval. After her 6th attempt, the blondes finish the roadblock. The girls walk to the pit stop while the guys jog up the hill. Ally and Ashley have a knack for getting second to last.

Race Order

1. Travis and Nicole
2. Nicky and Kim
3. Leo and Jamal
4. Tim and Marie
5. Jason and Amy
6. Ally and Ashley
7. Tim and Danny

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