Tim and Marie gave the express pass to Nicole and Travis. This is shocking because Marie has held this pass over everyone's head. She has no more leverage in the game.

Brandon and Adam continue with the leg as the winners of a great prize. Amy and Jason are quick on their heels to Gdansk, Poland. Once there, the teams will find solidarity square where communist fell. Nicky and Kim are the last team to arrive but are spared because the leg is super-long. All the teams are on a 30+ hour boat trip to the airport.

The teams are off in Poland knowing there is a U-turn ahead. Tim and Danny are first and are off to the golden Gate. Tim and Marie, The Afghanimals and the Ice Princesses have horrible taxi drivers who do not take them to the right area.

Pose or Polka

In Pose, teams mimic the bronze statue’s pose to earn donations
In Polka, teams have to learn a traditional dance

Tim and Danny chose Polka and one of them have to dress in a female costume. Who will it be? According to Tim, since he is larger than Danny, Danny has to be the female. A lot of the teams chose Polka but Nicky and Kim chose pose. I guess that was the right choice because the girls flew threw the challenge while the polka challengers had difficulty.

Nicky and Kim advance to the Medieval harbor crane but they have to finish the leg wearing the costumes from the detour. The U-turn sits at the crane. Jason and Amy find the U-turn first and advance to the longest building in Poland. Tim and Marie use their express pass so they do not get U-turned which is a brilliant strategy. Tim and Danny u-turn the Jamal and Leo. The Afghanimals then use the u-turn on the bearded friends.

Who has a sweet tooth?

One person has to search 12 apartments to find Rose Paczki which is like a jelly-filled doughnut. Jason and Amy and Tim and Marie are the first two teams. Amy and Marie help each other with this challenge. Travis joins in with the girls and they all advance to the pit stop. It is a nail-bitter to see who will get first. Using the express pass worked because Tim and Marie got first place and won a trip to Hawaii.

Pit Stop

1. Tim and Marie
2. Jason and Amy
3. Travis and Nicole
4. Nicky and Kim
5. Tim and Danny

6. Leo and Jamal

7. Ally and Ashley

8. Brandon and Adam

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