The Amazing Race is back with its 23rd season. Teams gear up for a priceless trip across the world. The teams:

Ally and Ashley - LA Kings Ice Crew Girls
Brandon and Adam - Lifelong Friends / Beard Enthusiast
Chester and Ephraim - NFL Teammate
Hoskote and Naina - Father / Daughter
Jason and Amy - Dating
Leo and Jamal - Cousin, Afghanimals
Nicky and Kim - Baseball Wives
Rowan and Shane - Best friend and Theatre Performers
Tim and Danny - Best Friends, Oil Plant Workers
Tim and Marie - Exes
Travis and Nicole - Married Physicians

The cast starts off on a western set. The winner of this leg will win an express pass and another one to give away. The teams are off in their cars. Teams proceed to Iquique, Chile. Leo and Jamal is the first team to leave. There are only a select number of seats on the first flight. The Afganimals are on the first flight with the Travis + Nicole, Chester + Ephraim, Nicky + Kim, Rowan + Shane, Ally + Ashley, and finally Tim + Marie. Ashley and Ally flirt with The Afghanimals hoping to create an alliance.

Hoskote and Naina, Tim and Danny, Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy are on the second flight.

Once the flight lands, teams travel to Alto Hispocpo. The Afghan-boys instantly run off the plane shouting “my wife is pregnant.” This makes a clear way through the terminal. However, the physicians got the first taxi and made it to Alto Hispocpo before any other team.


One team member must para-glide across the beautiful countryside of Chile and the other has to follow them via taxis. This caused a little confusion for people wanting to not volunteer to para-glide. Chester and Travis para-glide for their team. Nicole can speak Spanish which made it easier for her to communicate with her driver. These two teams have a lead on the rest of the top six.

Kim wants to throw up. She uses her son as a role model to not quit. Tim felt calm because he had a calm instructor. Jamal and Ashley lost their taxis so he ordered two taxis, clearly working together. Marie took the Jamal’s taxi and now he is stranded.

“you look like a military grade jeep with your shoes” - Ephraim on Chester paragliding

Rowan and Shane are the first to get the clue but NFL and physicians are hot on their heels. Teams race to Muelle Prat.


Collect 5 fish in a marina while rowing on a paddle boat. The partner that para-glided have to do this roadblock. Rowan is the one rowing for his team. This is not lost on me. The Afghanimals didn’t read the clue. The wrong person did the roadblock. Leo and Jamal have to switch positions. They were not the only team to have a confusion, Hoskote and Naina failed to read their clues as well.

The pit stop is the Teatro Municipal De Chile. Travis and Nicole, the physicians, are the first to the pit stop BUT they took a taxi instead of commuting on foot. They are imposed with a 30 minute penalty. Tim and Marie come in before the physician’s penalty run out. The Exes win the two express passes.

Pit Stop

1. Tim and Marie
2. Travis and Nicole
3. Rowan and Shane
4. Chester and Ephraim
5. Nicky and Kim
6. Ally and Ashley
7. Leo and Jamal
8. Jason and Amy
9. Tim and Danny
10. Brandon and Adam
11. Hoskote and Naina

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