10 teams remain, who will be eliminated next?

Tim and Marie depart first to the deck of the Museo Corbeta Esmeralda. The officer of the day will give teams the first clue of the leg. Bummer, the officer won’t return to his post for 4 hours. This allows teams to catch up. Leo and Jamal named the ice hockey girls their race wives. Travis and Nicole sweet talk to Marie and Tim for their second express pass.


Every team search for the clue. The contestants have to recite a phrase in Spanish. But, they need to find the famous phrase from the captain. The phrase is “Charge the ship, men!” Ashley and Ally have the phrase but Brandon and Adam are first to receive their clue.

Teams proceed to the salt mines in Irlanda. The clue box is near the route marker 3.

Brining:add enough salt to float a person
Mining:break open salt that contains a clue

Brandon and Adam bike to the detour followed by the NHL chicks. Most early teams choose mining except for Nicole and Travis. The bearded men find a great strategy. Find the rock with the most cracks to break easy. The spouses unite with Brandon and Adam to find their clues in the rock. Ally and Ashley switch because they have no muscles and this detour is hard.

Nicole has difficulty biking to the detour. I can’t comment on this because I do not know how to ride a bike. But, this is Nicole’s 40th birthday. By the time the married ER doctors made it to the detour, NHL princesses and Jason and Amy have started.

Brandon and Adam are first to crack open to the clue. They must go back to town to hop on a bus that travels to Santiago, Chile. Once there, they must advance to the Plaza de Armas. Afghanimals are in second and NFL is in third.

Jason and Amy are the first to succeed in the brining detour. Basically, every team wraps up their detour while Rowan and Shane start. Nicky and Kim freak out in brining. I have no clue why home-chick cries.

Most teams are on the 1:30pm bus ride. Granted, this ride last 24 hours. Ally and Ashley, Tim and Marie, Tim and Danny, and Nicky and Kim are on a bus that leaves 30 minutes later. Rowan and Shane think they can skip ahead of teams by taking a later bus that travels faster. But, with language barriers, they shot themselves in the foot by arriving 4 hours later than the second bus.

While on the second bus, Nicky and Kim pull Tim aside to tell him that he knows her husband. This builds trust between the two teams. Marie feels the girls are the top contenders to receive the express pass. The first bus arrives in Santiago.

Got The Knack To Pack?

One team member must shine shoes and reassemble the station to a storage room. NFL and Afghanimals are first to complete. They advance to the pit stop at the Cascada de las Animas.

The second bus arrives but to their amusement, Rowan and Shane caught up. However, they chose a random shoe shiner instead of the marked ones. Rowan drags the poor man across the town. He begs for him to stay but the owner wants nothing to do with the performing artist. He calls Marie the devil in Spanish. This was great entertainment.

Pit Stop
1. Chester and Ephraim
2. Leo and Jamal (was the first team but didn’t fully pay for their taxi)
3. Brandon and Adam
4. Nicole and Travis
5. Jason and Amy
6. Tim and Danny
7. Ally and Ashley
8. Tim and Marie
9. Nicky and Kim
10. Rowan and Shane