WDBJ7 Mornin' traveled to Madison Heights in Amherst County to meet Lindsay Turpin.

Lindsay is a stay-at-home mom, with three children, and she is what some would consider an "extreme couponer".

One day a week, her and her husband David Turpin sit down to cut out coupons from 5 newspapers.

Lindsay says she uses the Washington Post as well as the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

From there, they organize coupons by placing them in folders by date from newest to oldest.

When it comes time to go shopping, they plan, write down what's needed, grab the coupons needed, and place them in a separate notebook to take to the grocery store.

Last week, Lindsay says she went grocery shopping at Kroger and the total bill was over $120. After coupons, she only paid $12.

Lindsay says there are four things to remember when trying to coupon:

1). Sit down and cut coupons

2). Get organized

3). Get to know the store managers and the sales

4). Be nice to store workers. "You get more bees with honey"

Lindsay teaches a couponing class once a month in Madison Heights. The class is two hours and costs $15. You get coupons plus a notebook.

If you'd like to send Lindsay a question about couponing or sign up for her class, click here.