The Western Virginia Public Education Consortium gave teachers and recent grads face to face time with potential employers at the Salem Civic Center.

“It makes the job search a lot more efficient. It's make it a lot less time consuming, because it's a nice little place where everybody can come and network,” said teacher Jeff Prussia.

Prussia traveled from Newport News, where he works as a substitute teacher. He says the job fair is a great way to interact with potential employers.

“We just get to shake hands and actually see people instead of applying on line,” said Prussia.

Organizers say people from all over the state attended the fair, including some from out of state. That's partly due to the consortium's broad advertising. Some people say the group is cherry picking the best of the best from other communities, and targeting areas that pay less than Virginia. The group says that's not true.

“We've done the same thing for the last 15 years, advertising in surrounding states,” said WVPEC Executive Director Terry Arbogast. “We've had people come from surrounding states for years to the job fair and people have been hired.”

Arbogast says the fair allows the group to build a database of applicants. If there are vacancies at the 20 school systems they represent, there is a quality pool of teachers.

“We just want people to know that in this geographical area there will be employment opportunities and if you're looking to relocate, this something you need to come to, start making contact with we recruiters,” said Arbogast.