Three Monkeys’ are perched on the balcony of the old Robert E. Lee building will have you doing a double take.

“Every year traditionally I do an April Fools event or joke and I started with that in 2001,” said artist Mark Cline.

Cline says his creations have captured the attention of many people over the years and he’s hoping this project will do the same.

“It in a prominent place right here on the balcony and hopefully people get a lot of enjoyment out of this driving down the road looking up and it might create a smile on their face,” said Cline.

Cline says it didn't take long for him to create the monkeys. He’s been creating fiber glass figures for over 30 years.

“The whole joke is that people, wake up tomorrow morning they look up here and they'll see monkeys and they will tell their friends; tweet their friends. Hey there's monkey on the Robert E. Lee building,” said Cline.

Co-owner of the building Franky Benincasa says he hopes the artwork will catch the attention of those passing by.

“I think the monkeys will add a lot more curiosity, while also brightening people day a little bit. See something unusual and a little fun,” said Cline.