For some plastic is the only way to go, but if you don't use cards or have a checking account you could be stopped in your tracks.

"A lot of them like to carry that cold hard cash right there in their pocketbook. They like to know it's there or put it away somewhere and know where it is or spend cash. Cash is simple. You got it or you don't," says Shannon Abell with the Local Office on Aging.

Abell is talking about the Virginia Tax Refund program.

He's concerned how seniors are dealing with recent changes.

Last year, if you didn't get direct deposit, the state started issuing cards instead of checks for your refund.

Seems simple, right?

Until you look at the list of fees that comes with the card.

Says Abell, "I'm just afraid a lot of them are not going to be able to get the full amount off the card, they're either going to have fees that will reduce what they're supposed to get as their refund or they're going to leave money on the card and not know they left it on there and have difficulty."

The Virginia Department of Taxation implemented the program last year, after the General Assembly approved it in 2012.

"Two-hundred thousand dollars was the savings to the state and that's an annual savings," explains Joel Davison with the Virginia Department of Taxation.

That savings goes to the state.

The debit card program is run by an outside company.

Explains Davison, "We are not paying Xerox anything to administer the program, so that is how they make money. We have highlighted in the mailer how to get the money with no cost though."

But even though the mailer comes with the card, Abell thinks it's still not fair to seniors.

"I still think in certain instances they should've allowed seniors to say i need a paper check -give me that option to receive a paper check," he says.

The state has seen an increase in direct deposit users.

Since last year, it has grown from 71-percent to 74.

And, Virginia say the number of debit cards it sends out has dropped 3-percent.

No word how much Xerox has made in fees and penalties associated with the cards.